As we transition away from Zoom for most things, here’s a few guides that will help you get this process going.

Existing Zoom Meeting to Google Meeting Transition
This is an interactive step-by-step tutorial. Very simple but effective.

How To – Google Meet vs Zoom
This is a glossary of different features that Google offers, as well as a how-to guide for each one.

Google Meet Training
This guide is good to give to people attending your meetings and gives commands they can use.

Google Meet Skills Course
This link is a set of training courses on Google Meets with more deep dives into each feature.

Get Started With Google For Education
This link contains more apps besides Google Meets that may be beneficial to you.

Present during a video meeting

Tip: There can be a maximum of 10 simultaneous presentations in a meeting at a time.

  1. Join a Meet video meeting.
  2. At the bottom, click Present now .
  3. Select Your entire screen,A window, or A tab.
    1. If you present a Chrome tab, it shares that tab’s audio by default.
    1. To present a different tab, select the tab you want to present, click Share this tab instead.
    1. If you present a Slides presentation through a tab, you can control it in Meet.
  4. Click Share.
  5. Optional: To unpin your presentation and view it as a tile, click Unpin You can now see more participants while you present.

Helpful video:


  • If your camera is turned on, your video is active while you’re presenting.
  • For better presentations and to prevent mirroring, share a new window or a specific tab instead of the meeting window.
  • To share your audio, you must select Share a Chrome tab or Share this tab.

Stop presenting

  • In the Meet window, click Stop Presenting.
  • At the bottom right, click You are presenting  Stop presenting.

Present if someone else is already presenting

  1. At the bottom, click Present now.
  2. Select Your entire screenA window, or Chrome Tab.
  3. Select Present instead.

Tip: If you start to present during someone else’s presentation, their presentation will pause.

Creating a permanent Meet link

Google Meet doesn’t promote permanent Meet links, but there is a workaround.

  • Open Google Calendar and create a recurring event with no end date. Select the “Add Google Meet videoconferencing” button to generate a link. You can put it in its own sub-calendar, so you can hide it if you prefer.
  • The link created from the above action will only persist as long as the event continues in your calendar.

Improve your Wi-Fi or network performance for Google Meets

  • If it appears slow and you are using Wi-Fi, try moving your computer closer to your router. This will clear up problems caused by unreliable or slow Wi-Fi.
  • Run an Internet speed test to ensure you have sufficient bandwidth. Observe the bandwidth over time to make sure you have a stable connection, which is required for high quality video calling.
  • Here is a good speed test website:
  • Reboot your router and/or modem. This will resolve any temporary issue caused by a bug in your router or modem. It may also clear up Internet speed or connectivity issues.
    • Unplug your device.
    • Wait another minute, then plug the router/modem back in.
    • Wait at least several minutes for the connection to get back. On some routers, the router light will pulse while it reconnects and then finally turn solid when finished.
  • Lowering the video resolution may help slow network connections:
    • In a web browser, open Google Meets.
    • Click Settings    Video.
    • Choose a setting you want to change:
      • Camera—Select your camera device. If your camera is working, to the right of Video, you’ll see your video feed.
      • Send resolution— The image quality from your device that others see. You will want to set this to Standard definition (360p)
      • Receive resolution— The image quality that you see from other participants. You will also want to set this to Standard definition (360p)
    • Click Done.
  • It is not recommended to use public wi-fi for Google Meets because it is unreliable.

Helpful links: